Logan Ware

Criminal Paralegal

Logan Ware was born with a passion for justice and a perspective from which to see how severely our society lacks it.  Raised by a defense attorney and a developmental psychologist, he was exposed from a very young age to the multitude of problems in the criminal “justice” system.  

He’s always been a Jack of many trades and pursued a path through the hospitality, arts, and fitness industries before recognizing his true calling in legal defense and committing his life to the pursuit of justice and to the protection of his fellow citizens’ rights in this realm.  

He received a Paralegal Certificate from the University of Texas at Austin where he hopes to attend law school soon and ultimately join the ranks of inspiringly passionate attorneys like Amber, Seth, and Jesse. He joined the Vazquez Law Firm after working with The Innocence Project of Texas and is happy to now be working on the problems of the “justice” system from the front end, before they become the kinds of problems The Innocence Project must remedy retroactively.  

Logan hopes that one day these problems will be a thing of the past, but until then he’s thrilled to keep fighting the good fight by helping The Vazquez Law Firm protect its client’s rights.