Seth Manetta-Dillon

Associate Attorney

After growing up in New Jersey and earning my Bachelors of Arts degree from Bucknell University, I headed West to Phoenix, AZ. During two years in the desert, I taught middle school science and earned my Masters in Education, after which I came to the beautiful city of Austin, TX. During my first stint in the Capital City, I spent four years teaching high school biology and three earning my Juris Doctorate from The University of Texas at Austin School of Law. During law school, I discovered my passion for criminal defense. I developed my skills by taking multiple trial advocacy classes as well as two semesters of the University of Texas Criminal Defense Clinic. During my 3L year I won a Mock Trial National Championship and successfully represented three clients as a student defense attorney as part of the criminal defense clinic.

Upon graduation, I accepted a position as an assistant public defender with the Defender Association of Philadelphia where I proudly served the residents of Philadelphia for two and a half years. During my time in Philadelphia, I quickly developed a reputation as a passionate advocate for my clients. I frequently worked late into the night prepping cases because I always wanted to make sure I was more prepared than the prosecutors. This relentless work ethic led to great outcomes for my clients, whether that be acquittals or very favorable plea offers. Eventually though, the pull of love, music, and warm weather brought me back to the Live Music Capital of the World where I joined the Vazquez Law Firm PLLC as an Associate Attorney.

In Austin, the reality is that attorneys are often experienced at negotiating plea deals but very few actually go to trial. The only way to develop strong trial-skills is to take cases to trial. When a person is represented by an attorney known for having strong trial skills, that person is more likely to get an acceptable outcome. During two and a half years at the Defender Association of Philadelphia, I had the honor and privilege to represent clients at trial who were facing misdemeanors and felonies including assault charges, drug charges, DWIs, theft charges, burglaries, robberies, financial crimes, and sexual offenses. I believe that every person-no matter their background or charges- deserves an attorney that will hold the prosecution to its burden, pour through the evidence to find the weaknesses in the State’s case, and fight unwaveringly for every client.

I deeply believe that no one should ever have an attorney who gives them less than committed and zealous advocacy. I am excited to bring my passion and skills back to Austin and I look forward to fighting for you.