Sex Offense

Being charged with a sex offense is one of the most challenging things that could ever happen, it is a serious allegation that could effect every aspect of your life. We’re also aware that sex offense allegations are more complicated and are never as black-and-white as they appear in the police report.

Depending on the specific clients, we focus our defense on either investigation or treatment. In either situation, we defend sex cases by assembling a lots of mitigation that shows the person you really are, including everything from reference letters from your friends and family to your school records.

Contact us if you have been charged with any of the following offenses:

Sex Offender Registration · Public Lewdness · Indecent Exposure · Sting Operations · Targeting Gay Men · Sexual Assault · Aggravated Sexual Assault · Proving Sexual Assault · Improper Pornography or Video Recording · Defense Approach · Defense Approach · Sexual Assault Against a Child · Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child · Indecency with a Child by Contact · Indecency with a Child by Exposure · Improper Relationship Between Educator and Child · Statutory Rape · Evidentiary Issues · Mistake of Fact · Relevant Ages · Consent · Age · Marriage

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