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Amber Vazquez and the Vazquez Law Firm have won the toughest cases in the toughest places, all across Texas.  She is a Board Certified criminal defense attorney who has received national attention for winning trials for Murder, Attempted Capital Murder, Aggravated Assault, Sexual Assault of a Child, Burglary of a Habitation, Thefts, and many Driving While Intoxicated, Assault Family Violence and Drug Possession cases.  Her success rate across the board makes her one of the most sought after defense attorneys in the state, and she regularly appears on KXAN, KEYE, FOX News, CNN and other media offering commentary on criminal law matters. Because of her high-profile victories and unique insights, other attorneys frequently seek her consult on trial strategy.   When your freedom is on the line, the team at the Vazquez Law Firm is the best in the business and the one you want most in your corner. 

The best lawyer in Austin!
The best attorney you can find! She defended me in two cases one in Travis one in Wilco. Both of them got fully dismissed. Even DWI in Wilco! I blew 0.15 and she still got it dismissed! I strongly recommend Amber. She’ll find the way around and make the prosecutor look stupid.


Look No Further Amber is “The Real Deal”
I have hired Amber 3 times for felony cases and all three times she produced results that seemed impossible.


Amazing attorney- the best!!
Mrs. Bode beat all my charges!! She was professional and worked very hard for me. I talked to other lawyers that didn’t think my charges could be beat before I hired her. She won my hearing and did everything she said she would. She is the BEST criminal defense attorney in Austin!


Our Areas of Practice

Federal Criminal Defense

White Collar Crime

Amber’s success rate in defending white collar charges is second to none.  As a well respected federal attorney, she’s handled many cases and helped business people educate themselves on how to stay clear of legal and regulatory violations.

Drug Charges

The Vazquez Law Firm offers reputable, knowledgeable representation for Texas residents accused of narcotics crimes. For over 15 years, we have helped our clients navigate through frightening drug-related criminal charges and often emerge with their reputations, careers and futures intact. Working side by side with you, we can help you regain control of your life and beat your case.


Amber Vazquez has a proven record winning cases involving death.  Being arrested for a homicide offense is a traumatizing event that can bring about serious consequences that affect the rest of your life. It is crucial to have an experienced criminal attorney on your side to help strategize your next steps and achieve the best outcome for your future.


We’ve successfully defended hundreds of clients accused of DWI/DUI, including cases related to: DWI · DUI · Intoxication Manslaughter · Felony DWI · Boating While Intoxicated · DUI with Child Passenger · Intoxication Assault · Civil Liability · Total Refusal · Breath Test · Blood Test · Ignition Interlock · SCRAM Device · DWI Court · ALR Hearing · Drivers License Suspension · Occupational Licenses · DWI Surcharges · Resources · Case Profiles · Emergency Instructions

Sex Offense

Being charged with a sex offense is one of the most challenging things that could ever happen, it is a serious allegation that could effect every aspect of your life. We’re also aware that sex offense allegations are more complicated and are never as black-and-white as they appear in the police report.


If you have been charged with assault in Texas, contact the Vazquez Law Firm or request a free case evaluation. Amber is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to protect your freedom


Asset Forfeiture

Asset forfeiture is a tool that prosecutors and law enforcement officials use to take and keep private property based on an assertion that such property is linked to criminal activity. Seizures is the taking of private property. Forfeiture is the legal process whereby that government divests ownership of such property outright. If you need help with an asset forfeiture case, contact Amber.

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