White Collar Crime

White collar crimes can be summarized as types of offenses that involves a high degree of sophistication, sometimes market manipulation, or some sort of unethical business practices that crossed the line.

Amber’s success rate in defending white collar charges is second to none.  As a well respected federal attorney, she’s handled many cases and helped business people educate themselves on how to stay clear of legal and regulatory violations.

If you have been arrested for any of the following, contact us:

Corporate Criminal Investigations • Securities Fraud • Wire Fraud • Mail Fraud • Ponzi & Pyramid Scheme • Insider Trading • Antitrust Violation • Bank Fraud • False Statements to a Monetary Institution • Embezzlement • Money Laundering • Bulk Cash Smuggling • Tax Evasion • Tax Fraud • Medicaid Fraud • Healthcare Fraud • Environmental Crime • Bankruptcy Fraud • Insurance Fraud • Mortgage Fraud • Economic Espionage • Theft of Trade Secrets • Sarbanes-Oxley Violations • Counterfeiting • Counterfeit Goods • Blackmail • Extortion • Espionage • Trade Embargo Violation • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

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